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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Stairs

We were at a party at Easter in a neighbour's open plan house. My girlfriend was sitting with me near the open plan stairs, that led to the bedorooms and loo. As we sipped our drinks, Jilly looked up, and was watching two girls coming down in their cocktail dresses. I followed her gaze.
"I wonder if they know you can see right up their dresses?" she said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Perhaps they like showing off,"was my weak reply.

"It really turns me on when men look up my skirt" she said. "And I like looking up other girls skirts too. I guess when my mum told me not to let boys see my knickers when I was at school, I kind of rebelled then. "I used to stand on my hands and let my skirt fall down. I knew the boys were enjoying my white panties on display. It gave me a new feeling of excitement. Later I found my boyfriends liked to see my knickers. That's why I've got so many knickers in my wardorbe. They used to buy the for me. And then one of them bought some nylon stockings and suspenders, and loved the swishing when they came together when I walked along."

"Is that why you don't wear tights very often?" I asked.

" Yeah, Don't hear you complaining though" she said sliding my left hand up her skirt.

I looked up. Another lady was stepping down only inches from my face. Her little black skirt billowed out, giving a full view of her white satin bikini panties and, my favourites, a matching garter belt holding up black shiny nylons.

I stroked the gusset of Jilly's panties, as she could not take her eyes off the vision in front to her.

"That's Anne. All prim and proper by day. Now flashing her knickers by night. Does it excite you too?"

I rubbed her panties a little faster. "I always loved knickers. And talking about them is a real turn on. Pink ones, white ones, blue ones. And shiny nylon. Frilly ones. Plain ones. Stretched tight over her arse. And imagining them stretched tight round my cock. And your hand working them up and down." I surprised myself at what I was saying. We had only been going out for a week. And not yet been to bed. This was beyond my wildest dreams.

Another friend, Barbara, was about to walk upstairs. She was wearing a striped summer dress down to her knees. And suddenly I remebered this was a themed sixties party. It explained why everyone had vintage underwear.

Barbara climbed the stairs.But we could not get a proper look up her skirt until she stopped near the top. And we heard her swear. She leaned forward and her hands swept the top two steps.

"She's lost a contact lens," whispered Barbara. "I"ll go and help her find it."

And she was off. I looked up and marvelled at the view. Barbara's dress bobbed up like a balloon. Framed against her blue petticoat were some delightful white nylon briefs covering matching suspenders and white stockings. I stared at the briefs. My cock swelled in my pants. I could almost reach out and touch the shiny briefs as they caught the lights from below.

The host of the party was standing next to me. I didn't hear him coming.

"Enjoying the view Nicky? I love standing here too. But you beat me to it. I thought the sixties theme would produce a load of sexy views up the skirts of the ladies. Look at this one. Barbara is wearing my favourite type of panties. Full back briefs. And look at that other girl. Red frilly cancan knickers. I'd love to get my hands on those. Who is she?"

"Only my new girlfriend Jilly. So keep your hands off."

"You lucky bugger." He stepped forward so his eyes were only inches away from the girls' bottoms. And suddenly his wife appeared.

"So that's where you get to. Knicker watching again. You really like that. I suppose I'll have to pose for you again tonight when we get to bed. Is it the French maid costume you want with a frilly apron and the rest of it?"

I had a sight for a moment Susan in a short black uniform laying a table, and exposing her frilly white knickers and black stockings. Then it was gone. And Jilly returned.

"Did you guys enjoy that. I'm surprised at you, Susan. Looking up girls' dresses. Didn't know you were like that!"

"I'm not. Just caught our men redhanded. Want a preview Jilly?" And she raised her cocktail dress with teasing slowness. All our eyes were fixed on her tan stockings as they reached her thighs. Pale blue garters came into sight. Then at last the ultimate. Pale blue French knickers slowly were revealed.

"Do you like what you see? I bought these specially to please you, Philip. But as your pervy friends are so obviously enchanted by what goes on beneath our dresses, feast your eyes on my panties too."

Jilly broke the silence.

"May I use on of your bedrooms with Nicky? We have some important business to finish," she asked as she flashed her white panties before us for a brief moment.

"Only if you let us come with you," was the unexpected reply from Susan. "I think we owe the boys a real panty modelling session before we get down to business."

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